Safaree Talks Crying Over Nicki Minaj On TV, Meek Mill Sentence

Was Safaree Samuels crying over Nicki Minaj breakup on Love and Hip Hop?

Safaree shoot his shot at Nicki Minaj this week after her Paper magazine photos were released on social media. On Friday morning, the Love and Hip Hop star did on an interview on The Breakfast Club where he opened up about his comments on Nicki’s photos and also why he was crying on the final episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

“Am goin’ to be honest and am not goin’ lie, am not doing nothing for attention of hating on her like those were some amazing pictures and I use to really want her to take pictures like that for me so you know what am saying so that’s why I was just like wow,” Safaree said. Charlamagne then pressed him on whether or not he wants Nicki Minaj back and he sidesteps the questions and answered, “of course I still care about her.”

Safaree also explained what happened when he abruptly started crying at the end of last season Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. Some folks thought that he was crying over Nicki Minaj while others thought that he was crying because his career was coming to an end. “Let me explain, let me explain what happened,” Safaree said. “With the whole crying thing, and I am glad I can bring some light to it for those who are confused. In that segment I just finished talking about my uncle, my uncle was just killed. That’s where I was at mentally, so I was thinking about that when I was talking about that (Nicki Minaj and leaving LHH). My last week in L.A. was when my uncle was killed, so I was talking about that then it went to the whole leaving thing.”

On the issue of Meek Mill’s sentencing last week, Nicki’s ex-boyfriend said its none of his business. Safaree Samuels currently cast in five reality TV shows including Love and Hip Hop New York. He is also in VH1’s new show Scared Famous. Watch his interview on The Breakfast Club below.