Rick Ross Showed Up At Meek Mill Rally In Philly

Rick Ross showed up at Meek Mill rally in Philadelphia on Monday to show his support.

The MMG boss has been weighing in on the controversial sentencing since last week and now he shared some more words with the fans in person at a massive rally in front of the Philadelphia’s Criminal Justice Center. Thousands of fans converged in front of the building on Monday night with plaque cards shouting “free Meek Mill.” Rick Ross got on the microphone to share his feelings about Meek’s case and the overall state of the criminal justice system.

“Philadelphia whats up its the boss Ricky Rozay,” Ross said before taking out his phone to read a statement he prepared during his flight to Philly. “I’m here to support my brother Meek Mill. I want y’all to understand that if it take Meek Mill to draw this attention, we gonna use Meek Mill to draw this attention that is gonna speak for so many others. I put together a few words during my flight because this is my first time doing this.”

Rick Ross had a massive crowd around him as he spoke in length about what has been a problem in America for decades with the mass incarceration of young black men. A couple other celebrities also showed up to the rally including some Philadelphia Eagles players like Wendell Smallwood, Torrey Smith, and Jalen Mills.