Tommy Lee Sparta Hit Back At Mavado With Gritty Diss Track “Enemy”

Tommy Lee Sparta followed through on his warning to Mavado with a gritty new diss track, “Enemy.”

Both Mavado and Alkaline were targeted in the new diss record from the Mobay deejay who has been beefing with both artists this year. Last month, Mavado released a new single, “Timer“, where he took shots at Tommy Lee Sparta and Popcaan. The Gullyside singjay didn’t release the song as a diss track, but the lyrics clearly pointed to who it’s directed towards.

The artwork for “Enemy” shows an image of someone with dreadlocks which depicts Mavado being held by a strand of his locks while a handgun is pointed at his head. “Mi no see the fake dread / Weh hard fi dead like forty leg / Mac 10 chop off him head like waan fish head / Anything weh par with them mi target them / Any man weh favor mongrel dog mi wan see them / Drive all the Benz mi waan see them… / Anno block and delete yo see it block and cement,” Tommy Lee deejays over a beat produced by Cyzmik Music.

Before dropping the single, Tommy Lee asked his fans on Instagram if he should respond to Mavado. “Wa them a say angel in a demon fight, wrong time yo go buy down a market man… who fi dead mi fans who fi dead,” he said. Listen Tommy Lee Sparta new Mavado diss song “Enemy” below.