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Gucci Mane Gets $10 Million To Renew Atlantic Records Contract

Gucci Mane continues to bank paper this year with a $10 million deal with Atlantic Records to renew his contract.

The Atlanta rapper probably has the most impressive year of all the rappers on the planet. Gucci Mane walked out of prison in May last year a brand new man and the newness shined bright for the rest of last year and intensified this year. His Jamaican wife Keyshia Ka’oir has also been getting a lot of praise for helping the rapper turn his life around. “Thank You @AtlanticRecords for the 10 million dollar extension #ELGATOTheHumanGlacier I appreciate It sincerely,” Guwop wrote on Twitter.

Since leaving prison, Gucci Mane has been laser-focused on making his paper and this new $10 million deal with Atlantic Records is just the latest episode of his money making spree. Guwop and Ka’oir have even found a way to profit off their wedding which aired live on BET and now they are planning to make more dough off their honeymoon. Ka’oir also revealed recently during an interview that she made $30 million from her cosmetic and fitness line.

Gucci Mane has been known to release a ton of new music in a short space of time. His new album Mr. Davis was released on October 13th this year and now he is already working on his next project, El Gato The Human Glacier. He didn’t reveal a release date for that project but it will be the first album on his new deal with Atlantic. “I feel like I’m a brand new artist working on his 1st album #ELGATOTheHumanGlacier,” he tweeted. Gucci Mane has released two mixtapes and three albums since his release from prison which is roughly a year and a half ago. He is also featured on a number of singles from other artists and they have all been hits.