Andre 3000 Ignite Twitter Debate Says Big Boi Is A Better Rapper Than He Is

Andre 3000 told GQ that his Outkast partner Big Boi is a better rapper than he is and that triggered a Twitter firestorm.

Outkast is one of the most legendary group’s in hip hop and Andre 3000 is widely regarded as one of the greatest of all time. The Atlanta rapper covers the upcoming issue of GQ magazine where he opened up about his group member among many other topics. The famed lyricist made a bold statement when he said that Big Boi is a much better rapper than he is. Perhaps he was just giving his partner in rhyme some major compliments, but black Twitter thinks he was talking rubbish.

“Big Boi is smart as f**k,” Andre 3000 said. “We went to the same high school. I dropped out in 11th grade. Big Boi graduated with honors. When you watch early OutKast videos, Big Boi’s the leader. He always had the confidence, where I was kind of like the shy one. Big Boi can rap better than me—I always said that. If somebody said, ‘Pick who you want from OutKast to go to battle with you,’ it wouldn’t be me. ’Cause like, what I’ma do? Say some mind sh-t? You can’t have thoughts in a battle—nobody gives a sh*t about that.”

Despite Dre’s comments, he always seems to get a lot more praise than Big Boi inside the hip hop space. His name often pops up in discussions of the top ten greatest rappers of all-time, yes he is that genius of a rapper. Whenever Andre 3000 name pops up in the headlines, fans always hope that its some new music coming from OutKast. But Dre says he actually hates going into the studio, kinda a bit sounds like Lauryn Hill, who is another genius artist who fans wish would make more music.