Spice Responds To Beenie Man “King of Dancehall Is Incarcerated”

Spice is not too happy about Beenie Man statement over the weekend about her being the new queen of dancehall.

The “Sheets” deejay react via Instagram on Monday calling the dancehall legend a hater just because she thinks that Vybz Kartel is the king of dancehall. “D Rasta man [Beenie Man] vex true mi say a Kartel a the king a dancehall,” Spice said. “Smh Veterans want to be praised for paving the way but still never want to let go or embrace the New artiste. You crowned yourself king when yellow man was really the king and then over the years you were found fit after repeatedly self proclaiming it.”

From around the mid-1990s, Beenie Man proclaimed himself as the king of dancehall and despite some rejection from some artists and fans at the time, it eventually sticks. There is always a debate in dancehall about who is the king, but there has never been a real debate on who the queen is until now because Lady Saw fittingly wore that crown for the past two decades. Spice has now stepped up to plate and crowned herself and that territory comes with controversies.

“Unlike bounty killer who highlighted so many dancehall careers what did you ever do for dancehall after so many years as the “KING” Not even a one girl yu never buss as a dancer much less not even your own daughter a Ding Dong haffie dweet Kmt,” Spice added. “Saw left a huge shoe to fill and no female will fill it overnight. Nothing is wrong with your sentence “The Queen got baptized” we all know that, but you also do know that the king is incarcerated right.”

Spice also used the opportunity to promote her new single with Beenie Man’s ex-wife D’Angel, “No Worries.”