50 Cent Trying To Get Gerard Butler On “Power”

50 Cent wants to get a big name Hollywood actor on his hit TV show “Power.”

If 50 Cent had his way then Gerard Butler will be on the next season of STARZ series “Power.” Fiddy posted a clip on Instagram on Wednesday night of a clip from an interview with Butler discussing his upcoming film Geostorm. The respected actor joked about not getting an invitation from 50 Cent to be on his hit TV show. “Slow down man, slow down. I’m trying to wait till I got enough money to get @GerardButler on POWER. you jumping the gun fool. Now let me see how I can do this sh*t. smh Damn!! LOL,” the rapper wrote.

“Well he should try and get me on Power, you know I need to be wined and dined baby,” the actor said. Both 50 Cent and Butler are currently working on a new movie name Identity Thief. The Geostorm actor added that 50 Cent is a great guy who did him a lot of favors while they were filming their new movie. “He’s a great guy,” Butler added. “He did me a couple of favors on that movie, it was so incredible.”

Power is currently the second highest rated show on premium cable TV only behind Game of Thrones. At the end of Power season 4 of Power this summer, the hip hop mogul went after STARZ while telling his fans to cancel their subscription after the season finale. “I don’t think the STARZ network realize your watching POWER because it’s my show,” he said. “So take STARZ out of your cable package after you see POWER tonight. Then they will understand I bet.”

50 Cent eventually worked out a deal with the head of STARZ, Chris Albrecht, and promised his fans that a lot more of Power is coming to the network. There were some rumors claiming that he received $500 million from the network, but that was never confirmed by him.