Aidonia Dropping His Debut Album Early Next Year

Aidonia is currently locked down in the studio working on his debut album, due early next year.

In 2015, the dancehall hit maker released his “Project Sweat” EP which did very well locally and overseas. But despite being in the business for roughly a decade, we’ve yet to see a full album from Aidonia. That will all change in the coming months as he is currently putting his first full-length body of work together.

“I want to provide fans with something exceptional that will transcend time and geographic boundaries,” Aidonia told the Observer. “I am not a big fan of expendable music; hence, I believe as an artist it is extremely important to take the time and effort to create each song on the album in the best way I possibly can. If I expect people to buy this it’s only fair that they receive their monies worth.”

The album is being produced by his in-house producers at his 4th Genna Music label. Aidonia says that he wants the album to be a dancehall classic and one that fans can listen to from start to finish. The JOP deejay has one of the biggest hits of the summer “Yeah Yeah.” That hit came just after he scored another blockbuster dancehall single with “Banga.”

Aidonia has been one of the most consistent artists in dancehall over the past decade. Every year he manages to dominate the airwaves with at least one hit. This year is perhaps one of his best years yet and a big part of his success has to do with his efforts in getting back his US visa last year. The deejay recently concluded a successful tour of Europe, Donia returns home to perform in front a massive crowd at the Smirnoff Image show last month at Fort Clarence Beach.