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Alkaline and Mavado Excites Promoter and Florida Dancehall Fans

Alkaline and Mavado are two of the leading artists in dancehall right now and although they are not a group, their friendship often lead them to perform on the same shows.

Just last month we saw them both in action in Toronto and in July they made an appearance together on Reggae Sumfest. On September 17, Alkaline and Mavado will again be on the same stage at the upcoming Elite Music Festival at the Central Broward Regional Park and Stadium in Florida. Veteran promoter, Hans Mullings, says the festival will give fans a professional music and entertainment experience and bring people together.

“It is planned to bring people together, and we are going for an annual product,” Mullings said. “We will be having a live band show because if the band is great and the artist is great, it will give patrons a unique feel. People always say stay in your lane, but we are not like that, we try to be in every lane. We have done our research, and, believe me, it is a win-win when you hear about Alkaline, Mavado, and Jahmiel on one stage. The response as been wonderful and people are very excited.”

The festival will also offer a meet-and-greet session which will cost each patron US$250 to meet and take photos with Mavado and Alkaline.