Twitter Roast Remy Ma Over Nicki Minaj Diss At VMAs

Twitter is still roasting Remy Ma for issuing another diss at Nicki Minaj during her appearance at the 2017 MTV VMAs on Sunday night.

The Terror Squad rapper famously appeared in a segment with Terrence J just before Nicki Minaj’s performance where she said “Nicki, what’s good” just before the show cut for a commercial break. Remy Ma didn’t perform on the show, but Minaj did perform with Katy Perry to close the event. It then made you think that the whole idea of having Remy did that jab at her rival at that moment was calculated and maybe the producers of the VMAs were in on it.

This is not the first time in the past few weeks that Remy Ma is taking a shot at Nicki Minaj because she also did take some shots during a recent episode of Wild N’ Out. This time it was different because she had a much bigger audience so the folks on Twitter immediately went in on her for trying to keep a dead beef alive. Perhaps Remy is trying to keep the feud alive for her own benefit or maybe she is just genuinely still mad at Nicki Minaj and is venting at any chance she gets.

Twitter went in for the kill and we all know that Nicki has millions of followers on Twitter. Turns out that some of the folks voicing their frustration with the played out beef are folks who are not fans of the Young Money rapper. Maybe she was just reminding the PinkPrint rapper what she did with Miley Cyrus last year at the VMAs when she famously said: “Miley what’s good.” Nicki Minaj didn’t respond to Remy Ma but in her lyrics to Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish,” she did take a lot of shots.