Popcaan Releases A New Gritty Alkaline Diss Track “Anytime”

Popcaan just released a brand new gritty Alkaline diss track titled “Anytime” that was produced by Buju Banton son Markus Myrie.

The Popcaan and Alkaline beef have been quiet since earlier this year when the Vendetta boss released a vicious diss track “Microwave.” The Unruly deejay got some criticisms in dancehall for not responding to that track, particularly a line where Alka deejay about conking his daughter. The Unruly camp didn’t release this track as a diss record, but fans are already drawing their conclusions.

“Point the mattic pon the pu**y and wet him / When mi lift the rifle every shot them is getting / Police run in a the jeep when the Killy them stepping / Markus kill them anytime pu**y them a get carbine,” Popcaan deejay. The track is packing a lot of fire and will surely get the attention of the Vendetta camp. It’s been eight months since Alkaline released “Microwave” so is a diss track from Poppy too little too late now.

“Too late for this Popcaan better yo stick to girl songs because Alkaline done flame you long time microwave, the song bad still,” one fan wrote.