Tyler the Creator Denies Having A Boyfriend At 15

Odd Future rapper Tyler The Creator is either trolling us he is not yet ready to come out the closet.

The “Flower Boy” rapper revealed on Thursday that he had a boyfriend at the age of 15. In July, excerpts of some of the lyrics off his new album Flower Boy made its way online. He was rapping about being gay since he was a kid and having a white boyfriend and hiding it from his friends.

Tyler The Creator did an interview with Koopz Tunes on Know Wave radio when he admitted that he had a boyfriend at 15 years old. “I had a boyfriend when I was fifteen in f***ing Hawthorne, ni**a,” he said. “If that’s not open-minded, I don’t know what the f*** that is.” The California emcee has since tweeted that he was single at 15, but if you read his tweet you will also notice that he didn’t say he isn’t gay.

“figure of speech to get koopz ‘open minded’ point across, I was single at 15 haha,” he tweeted. Some folks are saying that all of this is just a way for him to sell more records given that he recently released his new album “Flower Boy.” Nevertheless, if Tyler the Creator is just trolling us, no one seems to be finding it funny and if not then he just takes one step back into the closet. Outside of all of this, his new album is fire and worth listening to. The album was originally leaked online a week ahead of its release, but some fans waited for it to come out through the proper channels like Apple Music and Spotify before listening to it.

Do you think that Tyler The Creator should just come out the closet fully or should he continue to play around with the idea and sell more records? Sound off in comments below.