Dancehall Legend Ninjaman Wants Jamaica To Invest More In Ganja

Dancehall legend Ninjaman is calling for more local investment in the local ganja business in Jamaica.

The Jamaican government has been slow to fully legalize marijuana and some local entertainers have been voicing their frustration. Some entertainers like Damian Marley are already investing in the United States market as more states start to legalize weed. Outspoken deejay Ninjaman says the country is loosing out on a lot of business from not legalizing the plant fully.

Currently, Jamaicans are only legally permitted to use weed in small quantities for personal use, while other countries have a fully developed weed business much like the cigarette market. “Everything that will make Jamaica prosper, they try and stop it,” Ninjaman said. “They fight reggae music and they fight ganja, yet they are the two biggest assets Jamaica has. But at the same time, they promote alcohol, which kills the brain cells.”

Ninjaman thinks that the Jamaican government doesn’t know how to tax marijuana and that is why they are hesitant to legalize the plant. “I feel they are fighting ganja because they don’t know how to tax a product that a man can grow in their backyard,” the dancehall artist said.

Do you think the Jamaican government should fast track legalizing marijuana?