Usher Hooked Up With Quantasia Sharpton Says Hotel Staff

Usher is already losing his legal battle with Quantasia Sharpton and her lawyer Lisa Bloom.

The R&B singer released a statement denying that he hooked up with Quantasia Sharpton basically saying she is not his type. Last week she did a press conference in New York where she claimed that she met Usher at his concert and later hooked up with him at a hotel. Seems like a staffer at a Days Inn hotel has come forward to back up Sharpton’s claim.

So far we know that Quantasia Sharpton was indeed at Usher concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey on November 15, 2014. How we know, because there is a photo of her and August Alsina backstage and we know that Alsina was the opening act for Usher on the tour. In the photo, she was wearing a birthday tiara and she did say in her press conference that she was celebrating her birthday. The Days Inn is less than a mile from the concert venue and one of the employees there told TMZ that they did saw Usher with Sharpton at the hotel.

Whether or not this person will testify in the trial, if there is a trial, only time will tell. So far Usher is at a disadvantage in the pending lawsuits and we know that at least three additional persons are suing him for allegedly exposing them to herpes. One of the persons suing him is a man.