Listen Vanessa Bling New Song “Bare Clown”

Vanessa Bling gets raw and explicit in her new single “Bare Clown.”

The former Gaza princess link up with Chemist Records who is responsible for the production. Bling condemns men who wants to please their women in ways that she don’t approve. The track is a bit like a anti Ishawna and anti “Equal Rights” type of track, so it will be interesting to see the response she will get.

“Come in like a bare tongue deh ya / Bare clown deh ya dog, a bare clown deh ya / Man them a walk around a nyam f*** like dog, what a bloodclat / Me a talk pure facts any man a say them want nyam me / Me send mi dog and go shot that / Him not even tell me say yo love me / My main man couldn’t s-ck me,” Vanessa Bling deejay.

Listen to Vanessa Bling new track “Bare Clown” below.