Dancehall Artist Kasanova Explains Why He Faked His Death

Dancehall artists Kasanova gave his friends and fans a scare recently when he mysteriously went missing.

There were some talks in dancehall circles that he was faking his death to gain attention for his career. While it’s true that he faked his death, Kasanova says there is much more to the story around his disappearance. In a full-length interview with the Observer, the dancehall deejay says his former manager Jay Bad threatened to harm him and his family so he made the conscious decision to go off the grid.

“When I tried to cut ties with this manager more than once my life was threatened, the second time a gun was held to my head,” he said. “So the third time I decided you know what I am just going to split, just disappear because I reported it to he police and they didn’t do anything. The jokingly said ‘so you’re an artist alright write a song and diss him and clash it at Sting.’ They didn’t take it serious am telling you. That’s what happens so I had to split just vanish because my family lives were threatened and my life was threatened.”

Kasanova also added that Jay Bad, who is now his former manager, didn’t want him to date females for whatever reasons and he wasn’t standing for that. He also accused Jay Bad of stealing money from him and held a gun to his head when he tried to part ways with him.