Tommy Lee Sparta Supports Alkaline Says Cops Targeting Artist Unfairly

Tommy Lee Sparta defending Alkaline amidst more pressure from cops.

Yes you did read that headline right. Although these two artists are arch enemies musically they can still find common ground within the dancehall space. In fact, just yesterday Tommy Lee Sparta released two new diss tracks aimed at Alkaline and just last weekend Alka dissed the “Uncle Demon” deejay during his performance at Reggae Sumfest. Both deejays have been recently targeted by police officers and Lee is now defending the Vendetta deejay who almost had a another running with lawmen at Sumfest for use of profanity.

“Look pon Alkaline, dem man deh a go school from them little, and now, all of a sudden, a bare badness Alkaline name a call up inna. Just imagine that,” Tommy Lee Sparta said. “All of a sudden? And when the man did a suffer him never bad? But now when him successful, a now him a go bad and life nice now? The system just love the foolishness.”

Tommy Lee Sparta also added that cops should not be too quick to judge artists by their music because even he himself is doing a lot of good in his community.