Alkaline Diss Tommy Lee Sparta Returns To Sumfest With A Bang

Alkaline and Tommy Lee Sparta returns to Reggae Sumfest with a big bang. The two dancehall rivals put on a show for their fans in Montego Bay on Friday night.

The new owners of Reggae Sumfest, Downsound Entertainment, pulled off another hugely successful staging of one of the most popular reggae music festivals in the world after taking it over last year. Both Dancehall Night and International Reggae Night saw a massive turnout of fans and local artists were in fine form.

Alkaline made a grand entrance on stage approximately 6 AM Saturday and perhaps the high point of his performance was when he dissed Tommy Lee Sparta in his backyard at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex. “Hey bwoy Nyammy Lee,” Alkaline said on stage as the crowd went wild. The Vendetta boss kicked off his performance with “Formula” a song that French Montana remake for his new album Jungle Rules. Alkaline even performed his Tommy Lee diss record “Red Eyes.”

A few weeks before Sumfest, Tommy Lee Sparta made a statement warning Alkaline not to try anything in his home town Montego Bay. He even made reference to the “Champion Boy” deejay using his eyes on the cover art of his diss single “Red Eyes.” But Alka ignored the threats and did exactly what Tommy Lee Sparta told him not to.