Did Masicka Called Cops After Confronted By Aidonia ?

Masicka and Corey Todd reportedly called cops on Aidonia following a heated confrontation at a Reggae Sumfest rehearsal.

There are a lot of conflicting reports about the alleged incident with some folks on social media saying that Aidonia group was the one who had to call cops for protection after Masicka and Corey Todd confronted them. Sources inside 4thGenna told Urbanislandz.com that Aidonia and his crew turn up for rehearsal and saw Masicka in the middle of his rehearsal. The Genahsyde deejay was reportedly rehearsing a diss record and someone from the 4thGenna crew walked in.

“Them man deh only bad in a song because when we see them in person them a tremble like leaf,” sources said. “When we arrive for rehearsal him (Masicka) did a perform a song him claim say is a diss but then him stop when we walk in. We never affi say nothing them just stop and then somebody from Downsound ask we fi wait outside and all police come and them thing deh.”

Masicka people are calling the story BS saying it’s the other way around. We’re told that Masicka was rehearsing and was performing a diss track when when Aidonia arrived and he didn’t stopped. His people are now saying that Aidonia camp was the ones who called the cops on them.