Nicki Minaj and Safaree Beef Gets Heated On Social Media AGAIN

Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels beef is far from over. Things got a bit heated for the former flames yesterday on social media and here is the rundown of what happened.

It all started when Azealia Banks did an interview with XXL where she revealed that she wrote a song for Safaree rather than him writing for her or writing his own bars. Nicki Minaj fans started tweeting about the interview and then Nicki started liking a bunch of the tweets. She didn’t stopped there and later posted a tweet saying, “He can throw dirt on a woman who took care of him but won’t respond to u like a man huh? Ni**az only know how to say my name for a lil extra airtime but never respond to grown MEN.”

Assuming she was referencing Safaree Samuels recent running with her other ex-boyfriend Meek Mill and his crew at the BET Awards weekend in Los Angeles. Safaree got a lot of criticism on social media for running when he was attacked instead of fighting back. Samuels got word of Nicki’s comment and took to his Twitter page to blast her. “I dont need you for airtime,Im on vh1. Plus they just started re-runs and the new season about to start so i think my airtime will be fine,” the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star tweeted. “I got my own and don’t need nobody for shoutouts or a platform.I’m good, now off to this fotoshoot, flt to Ny then Jamaica, locals be quiet.”

Safaree Samuels also tweeted out a photo of his Jamaican passport while using Nicki Minaj viral slang. “You Ni%%as can’t even spell Jamaica..can’t front that was funny,” he tweeted. In her interview with XXL, Azealia Banks criticised Safaree for his inability to write his portion of the song that they did together. Somehow Safaree didn’t respond to that allegation.