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50 Cent Criticize JAY-Z Album 4:44 “It’s Ivy league Golf Course Music”

50 Cent is probably among the one percent of critics weighing on on JAY-Z‘s new album 4:44.

To be clear, Hov has been getting a lot of praise from the majority of the hip hop community for the album. So very few people thinks that it’s not fire and to be clear 50 Cent think it alright but too smart for the current generation of hip hop. Is this fair criticizing or should rappers be dumbing down the music to fit in and sell records.

In a video posted on his Instagram page that has since being deleted, 50 Cent says JAY-Z album 4:44 is Ivy League or golf course music. “I just got back from the gym,” 50 said. “I listened to JAY’s sh*t, that 4:44. I thought the sh*t was aight, I like the sh*t but I’ma keep it 100, the sh*t was too smart. I felt like I was supposed to be wearing like glasses and sh*t and a tie like a f*cking sweater around my waist – like Ivy League sh*t. Now, I’m gonna give you the truth. N*ggas is high out here so they don’t wanna hear that sh*t. They just wanna have a good time.”

50 Cent also told JAY-Z that he can’t be the greatest rapper at 47 because the young guys are here and they are putting out new stuffs. “And f*ck that, you can’t be the best rapper at 47 because the new n***as is here. They’re coming with new sh*t… He’s f***ing with Future and all this other sh*t, leave them n***as alone, B, what the f**k is the matter with you, man? I ain’t gonna hold you up, son, that sh*t was golf course music.” 50 Cent has also been a staunch critic of JAY-Z and the two have even beefed back in the day but that feud never really amount to anything.”