Busy Signal Addresses Mic Cut Off At Groovin In NYC

Busy Signal is still fuming after his microphone was cut off during his performance at last week’s Groovin’ In The Park in New York City.

The dancehall deejay wasn’t the only one who was visibly upset, the audience was also angry after the deejay’s set was cut short approximately 20 minutes into his performance. The entire incident seems like it was poor time management by the promoters and R. Kelly was scheduled to perform after Busy Signal. “If me can’t perform then R. Kelly can’t perform either,” Busy said before storming off the show.

“I think some time crunching was going on and I don’t know why they managed it so bad that it reached me,” Busy Signal said. “They didn’t manage the time right and I am very proud of the way I handled it. I asked the 40,000 people at ‘Groovin’ if they liked what was taking place and they said No.”

“I was scheduled to perform at 5 PM and I was there from 3:04 PM way before my time to perform,” Signal told Winford Williams. “I watched other acts performed their full set. People were there anticipated the whole thing and I was there peeping out to get a feel of what to expect and see the venue getting packed, I heard that this show was packed.”

Busy Signal recently got back his United States visa and work permit and this is his first performance in the U.S. in 15 years.