Tony Matterhorn Responds To Critics Of His “Jacket” Child

Tony Matterhorn recently revealed that he is not the bioligical father of a 3-year-old baby girl he has been taking care of since birth.

In Jamaica this is popularly known as getting a jacket. Seems the veteran dancehall sound system selector took it up on himself to do a paternity test and got the shocking news that he is not the father. Since breaking the news on his Instagram account, Matterhorn has been getting a lot of bashing with some of his fans laughing while others didn’t find it funny.

Nevertheless, Tony Matterhorn says that he will still be a father to the little girl despite his disappointment in learning that he is not her biological father. “It has been bittersweet so far cuz part a me happy and the other part sad,” Matterhorn said. “Me happy seh me nuh affi deal wid her (the child’s mother) nuh more, but sad because I am the only father that little girl knows. A me dat likkle girl know as her daddy so nothing nuh change where she is concerned. I am going to be there as long as she need me. The only thing weh change is that her mother can’t drag me through nuh court and she can’t even look pan me.”

Foota Hype has some interesting commentary on the situation watch the video below.