Migos & Joe Budden Got Into Heated Confrontation At BET Awards

Migos and Joe Budden got into a heated confrontation at the BET Awards pre-show on Sunday night and things came pretty close to blows.

Joe Budden has beef with almost every young rapper on the scene right now. Some folks are now saying that the former Slaughterhouse emcee is simply a hater. Late last year Budden was going in on Drake with diss tracks and just recently he went Ape sh*ts on Lil Yachty. Now he came very close to an all out brawl with the Migos trio of Takeoff, Offset and Quavo.

Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks were interviewing the Atlanta rap group when things quickly grew tense. “I feel like that’s a running joke with you being left off ‘Bad and Boujee,’” Akademiks asked Takeoff who was seemingly annoyed with the question. “I ain’t left off ‘Bad and Boujee.’ You think I left off ‘Bad and Boujee,'” Takeoff responded. Joe Budden then chimed in asking for the interview to be wrapped up.

“Well, wrap it up then,” Quavo said. Joe Budden then dropped the microphone and walked off the stage and so did the Migos trio. One of the co-hosts could be heard yelling for the security to step in and quell things as tensions quickly grew high. Akademiks later responded to the situation after the video clip went viral saying that he wasn’t trying to play Takeoff.

“Bruh we interviewed the #migos and sh*t went left … all I can say is #GETWELLJOE .. see the whole thing tomorrow .. n lol I couldn’t hear sh*t.. no ear piece and loud asf on the carpet. I was the only person in between Migos and joe… I tried y’all,” he said. Joe Budden has yet to say anything but don’t expect a diss track since he is more of a big of a Podcaster/radio host of Everyday Struggle these days than a rapper.