Royce da 5’9” – Wake Up Lyrics

Hello, Hip Hop, what are you doing?
Cause nowadays you just all seem ruined
Will you wake up? What are you doing?
Using way too much autotune
Hello, Hip Hop, what are you doing?
What’s some of that corny sh*t that you been on?
Wake up
Can you wake up?
Respect the art
I got one question for y’all
Can you wake up?

Competitive rap is back in effect
You ni**as out here playing bi**hball flapping your neck
What in the f**k is wrong with y’all? Get back to respect
Put on a shirt, get back to the six pack on the steps
And everybody can’t be motherf**king sexy
I just wish ni**as would understand that
Man, Instagram just need a dunce button
Now all the rappers got their hands wrapped in a boxing gym
You throw your punches like you ain’t ever punch nothing ever
And on the behalf of all men you making us look bad
I’m sure if we took you to the gun range you couldn’t spray the target, fam
You couldn’t fight your way out a paper bag with Shenaynay from Martin hands
You couldn’t beat my daughter in a game of basketball in a garbage can in the streets
If y’all scared, ni**a, call the police
I wonder if they know how soft they all look today
F**k a drive-by, I just hop out the car and mush a face
They all crooks and snakes, all serpents
All part of the large circus mixed with Cirque du Soleil
They all purpose, clique jumpers, they all ball-jerkers
Ex-mall workers who text wrong
S**t like the K without the O in front
Get off the phone, chump
Your career is like a microwave without the dough in front
Liked today, but you ain’t holding none
Your raps are like just okay, but problem is you’re just okay with that
Where the f**k did rap get dislocated at?
I’m just gonna keep spitting till this s**t’s in place
Till I feel 2008 is back
Fans being way too nice, where all my haters at?
I spit hiatus raps, I’m just that good
I never ride the wave cause I’m the water, I’m like the rap Suge
Minus the fade by the barber, and all our thoughts cold
And all y’all thoughts blow, ours is Pearl Harbor
And all my thoughts go in line, they can go inside of a barcode
I got the violent history of Gotti’s polaroid flow, there’s only one way to picture me
Instantly a body
My twin barrells I call Tiara and Tia Mowry
Being shot at is about as likely as seeing y’all on lean and Molly
My mind shuffles thoughts
Till hard lines touch the bars
And then I spit it like I’m trying to fill up a couple vaults
People find love and realize that love is love
And they should be the f***ing law cause love is love even when love is lost
You ni**as need to be aggressive again
You ni**as at them labels need to come from the back of them desks and find the next ni**a with talent
And quit being so skewed by views and streams
Or I’ll come through and pee in your vegan salad