Jahvinci – Darkest Times Lyrics

What’s got to be then let it be
If you got to go, oh then leave
Love had no boundaries
But no one can love you like me

My darkest times, is when you walked out of my life
Many heart of dreams
No you couldn’t be my wife
I know what I know
If you thinking about me too
That’ when you are alone
Baby you should come back home

(Verse 1)
A just a real man a confess
Because different from mi mother you a second best
Mi empress, no other girl can contest
Because a you mi give all a the time and all the interest
You mi would a invest in
Give you couple kids cause that’s the next best thing
Cyaa sleep so a you mi texting
Come back nuh mi queen to yo king

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Fi si you walked back through the door a that mi a pray fah
Cause since you gone is like dem touch mi heart wid a taizer
Dem memories yah cut like a razor
Mi know it hurts but you haffi hold I tout in a dem days yah girl
I just wanna make you comfortable cause a nuh nothing fi you fraid a girl
Weh you nuh like mi promise fi change dem ways yah
Swear she mi cry when mi hear you say

(Repeat Chorus)