Vic Mensa feat. Mr. Hudson – Almost There Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Vic Mensa)
This for all my fans that say they want that old Vic
I’ve grown too much to ever be the old Vic
I’m new and improve call me Vic 2.0
Still making two points every time I move an O
That’s the hustler talk for ya
I’m rapping like a Google Home the way talk to ya
I gave my all to ya, you can judge it as you may
I know life’s a bi**h, but every dog has its day, hey
When I get low, this is how I fly away
You thank me, no thank you, you the reason I’m alive today
That’s no exaggeration, I’m just glad you’re listening
Me and Dion got more soul than your grandma kitchen
And we been cooking up this s**t for little Vic
That 12 year-old kid that only wanna hear that real s**t
This is a thank you letter to all my fans
For coming along for the ride with me, we almost there

(Chorus – Mr. Hudson)
I feel it coming
I’m almost there, I’m almost there
It’s so close, I can taste it
It’s in the air, it’s in the air

(Verse 2 – Vic Mensa)
They judge you by your past and try to predict your future
But I got kings in my bloodline, I’m Mensa Musa
My dad came from Africa, he was the first to leave
From humble beginnings in that village to the birth of me
Birth of a Nation, shout out to Nate Parker
They take the spotlight off you if you a shade darker
But we made our own American on this cotton field
Till we got a black millionaire for every Emmett Till
I’m representing, I’m representing, I’m representing
To my piece of American pie is never ending
You know pi, never ending, that’s a slick line
This the type of flow that made them f**k with me the first time
But this ain’t my first time like that J. Cole song
I’ma put the pressure on em all, I make coal turn into diamonds
I ride and die with my team
If I was Lebron, I’d never went to the Miami Heat
It’s too much loyalty in me, I’m royalty, no Prince Akeem
So when I’m coming, make sure the royal penis is clean
Call me your highness, I just put a mink on my queen
She married a king, she deserve some Alexander McQueen
And I been balling out like I deserve a championship ring
I’m still a skater boy, I’m flipping out like Avril Lavigne
I tweak on every little thing, that’s why it took me so long
But the album is coming, it’s done for you ni**as, hold on
I set the mode for em, who was hot in the Chi before I, ni**a
N/A, I do not know nah ni**a
Luke Cage, I’m a mother**king fly ni**a
And I’m still alive, I am not afraid to die ni**a

(Chorus – Mr. Hudson)
I feel it coming
I’m almost there, I’m almost there
It’s so close, I can taste it
It’s in the air, it’s in the air

(Outro – Mr. Hudson)
Deep down, everyone’s a rockstar
Right now, I’m the only one to take it this far
Take it this far
Up high in a glass elevator
Look down on my city see ya later
I, I always take it too far