Demarco & Ishawna – Nice Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Gyal you pu**y good
Mi love you c**key bea
This yah f**k tun up
Mi agree
Love it when you a back it up
And mi look back a me
Then mi switch up the position
You come pon top a me

Baby mi a go cum
Meck sure you force it in
Naw go tak it out
Meck sure mi breed

Mi a go f**k you hard
Yes a that mi need
You pu**y wet
You c**key tougher than a ackee seed

What a gyal f**k nice!
You love the way mi back it up right
Rain a fall suh a f**k night
C**key and pu**y in a f**K fight
F**k mi kill mi

Shi back it up again
Shi back it up again
You c**key come, it taggle down, mi get it up again
Nobody else like a when wi a f**k
F**k wi a f**k fi love

(Verse 2)
In deh whole night
Gyal you hole tight
Swear this a the best f**k
Gyal you so right
Watch her a scratch up fi mi back
Mi know you go bite
Shi come bout thousand time and mi proud a it

When you c**key nuh in a mi a that mi don’t like
Nuh hesitate fi force it up
Give me the whole a it
Meck mi bubble like when you shake up a cold sprite
Flash the pu**y paw you c**key like a ??? light

(Repeat Chorus 2X)