Wi naw go deh yah suh fi too long
Mi a give it mi all
Gyal haffi get f**k in a dem hole everyday
Yow the cash haffi tall

Wi naw go deh yah suh fi too long
Mi a give it mi all
Meck the money live some bloodcl*** life
Weh mi never use to live when mi small

(Verse 1)
Weh dem a seh? Weh dem a talk bout
Ask the road a weh dem deh when man a walk bout
A look a studio fi voice and the food every night
And mi life haffi sort out
Poor a shatter glad mi never pour mi heart out
A we dem fight the most mi friend
A we dem all doubt
Tek he fire to a level weh dem cyaa out
Wa that? Plane gone again wi gone all bout
Shi a seh shi waan the thing inna fi her mouth
High grade in a mi head a meck mi start float
From a party get the bikes and pull the cars out
Night now, stars out

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wi naw go fail wi got the plan
A true wi come fi take wi place
Wi never do dem nothing wrong
Gucci Kicks, bottle a crisp in a mi hand
You set a medz, you know mi spliff in a mi hand
Gyal a look and blod kiss off a the don
And seh the brain do the same thing when shi listen to mi song
Wet up, you look so pretty in a you tang
Get up ad bring the kitty to the don
Genahsyde whats the plan? Whats the plan?
Drop some hits and lock the land
Wi naw go fall wi stand up strong
Yea, whats the plan? whats the plan?
Friend dem go take care a the fam

(Repeat Chorus 2X)