Jahmeil – Big Moves Lyrics

Big move man a meck in silence
Dem fi nuh know weh in a my medz
Weh him a drive now? Hear seh him buy Benz
Think mi would a wait, Jah give I strength

(Verse 1)
Dem nuh si nothing yet, give mi more time
Work mi a work when dem nuh si mi more time
Bout mi ever clean wid fi mi gold shine
Girls weh mi date a the prettiest kind
Now shi class wid the wickedest whine
Have some bad dawgs ready fi defend mine
Hate dema hate, send fi the friend nine
Big shows dem a si wi get line

Dem surprise a suh mi know dem never know seh man could a do it
Time nuh wait pon no man
Never have a car, mi use to foot it

But look at me now
Look at me now
Look at me now
Look at me now

(Verse 2)
Lee Miller
Mi a tell you, mi a tell you, mi a tell you dawg
Success meck a jail dem waan send you
Dem a talk and dem a talk
And now mi get mad
Seaga seh dem fi send mi to a Head-ward
Know bout hard life in the streets we grow
Another ghetto youth become a CEO
Know dem nuh like that but man a real G tho
It a go hard fi dem get we out

(Repeat Intro & Chorus)