Charly Black – Love Intentions Lyrics

Whine slow my girl
Flow my girl
You meck mi c**key grow my girl
Mi love you gyal
Mi love you gyal

(Verse 1)
Buddy stiff up in a gyal pu**y shi a bawl
She shi love backshot suh shi will crawl
Shi nuh waan Peter and shi nuh waan Paul
Charly shi waan fi tear down her wall
Gyal you pu**y good and it nuh use like a Hall
Whenever you waan f**k me naw stall
Trelawy mi come from one phone call
Virgin pu**y never big like Mall

Slow my girl
Flow my girl
Flow my girl
Gyal you pu**y never haffi tight suh
Gyal you body never haffi right suh

Go my girl
Flow my girl
Whine slow my girl
Glow my girl
Gyal you pu**y never haffi tight suh

(Verse 2)
She you nuh like icky but you waan one now
My c**key sweet you meck you talk slow
Love off the slogan when mi she
Country bwoy meck you tip paw you toe
Gyal mi acknowledge yo presence yaw mi baby
Gyal a yam in a mi back suh mi cyaa be lazy
When you position you body you drive me crazy
A that’s why me haffi beg you

(Repeat Chorus)

Baby you are the one and only girl
To make me feel this way
Baby come whine for me so slowly girl
Gyal you never haffi tight suh

(Repeat Chorus 2X)