Busy Signal – The Reasoning Continued Lyrics

Yow dawg wa you a deal wid?
Wa you deh-deh wid pardy?
Mi fi call you back from when cause you a mi bad chargy
Suh wa you deh pon you good?
Mi deh yah like the Mayer a gwaan run it off hi nuh dawg
Caw mi nuh laugh hi nuh dawg

Suh wa happen to the gyal wa day weh her pu**y fat?
Yow bombocl*** dawg you waan si when shi sink in her bacl
Ehh, go in a the pu**y, It tight like a knot
Wonder right now if shi tie mi wid that
Yow mi G member sexy Stacy weh did live round the block
Check mi this morning round 3 o-clock
Give the gyal some rassclaat f**k from back
A talk bout equal rights mi haffi shot her a box
Jah know dawg you ever haffi box her
Ehh, you waan si how mi meck shi run out a the house like a track star
You feel shi a go call police?
Mi nuh know you haffi go ask her
Woman wi chat a bag a things fi meck you mad star
Yow shi alright, you know mi get some high grade weed from country
Fi real? You nuh have no link fi meck wi sell some to Beenie and Bounty
Wa you a seh? Meck sure seh a high grade hi nuh dawg
Caw you done know the general dem naw burn no f**kry
Hee here wa a gwaan, mi have a link pon half que a coke
The wickedest thing seh is Gregory Issac dead a nuh joke
Dawg weh you get that from? Out a Porti mi si it a float
Weh? A one likkle pinch mi give George Nooks him all end up in a court
Mi bombocl*** dawg you involve in a that?
You done know seh pon my phone certain things nuh fi a chat
Ehh, a nuh chattings, man a nuh talking parrot
A true you a mi friend fi real meck man even a tell you that
Eeh, right now dawg mi nuh waan involve
Naw go a jail again you from when my case resolve
Mi have a bag a s**ts and a bag a problem weh really need fi solve
Man waan da money yah dawg, yow dawg
Yow meck mi tell you this, is like you ears dem a fail
Not even a visitor mi naw go back a jail
Get you self in a s**ts my money naw bail
Hear the man, man!
Hey si mi and nuh si mi to dawg
Neven a hail
Hey, jah know mi G, suh you a deal wid it?
A f**kry you a keep up suh wa you nuh waan mi be real wid it
You done know dawg, man in a the street a suh mi haffi look my food fi eat
Yow mi a get a one call, alright mi wi shout you, yea likkle bit