Alkaline – Red Eyes Lyrics

Wi a rise, and realized
And dem waan fi fight mi but look out fi the replies
And wi use to couldn’t find the cabbage fi the rice
Never did have nothing fi lose, did haffi gamble wid mi life yeah

(Verse 1)
Mi did a grind like seh mi broke
Take a minus meck a plus
Dem don’t even know weh mi go through
Dem si mi shine and seh a luck
Wid a mind like mi a cruff
Mi a grind like mi a f**k
Whole day, whole night mi a wuk

A the right night, a the right vibes mi like right yah suh
When you hype out a road nuh bother try hype yah suh
Gyal a march out, a the same thing mi a talk bout
Mi a get high, mi a pass cloud
Mi a drink?? Mi a call cloud

Haffi know weh mi a do the pu**y dem a eyes mi
Cyaa shot a piss and dem nuh criticize me
Every step and every move

Mi glad how mi stay suh dem cyaa style me
Badmind, badmind
None a dem nuh have mi ticket and mi have mi ID
Dem a eyes, dem a eyes, dem a eyes

(Verse 2)
Dem seh price deh pon the don head
But up-town seh a the wrong head
Me and Lee a Kill dem a nuh Malvo and Mohamed
Think seh dem nuh know better
Dem know seh Vendetta solid
And wi links dem ever valid
And wi fresh no sugar added

Never show no mercy
Worst thing you could a do a beg
Mi nuh give a f**k mi pop it off and every man dead
Never try fi use intimidation pon a mad-head
Mi a get to dem before dem get to mi
And full dem a led

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro & Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)