Bounty Killer Slams Ishawna “No Bumper On Badman Forehead”

Bounty Killer was extra cross, angry and miserable on Tuesday night when he performed at the BFF event in Portland.

Most of his anger was towards Ishawna who performed her controversial new single “Equal Rights” moments before Bounty Killer took the stage. The dancehall legend did warned her about performing the song on the same stage as him and at one point, Killer didn’t even want to use the same microphone she used. “So how Ishawna a come talk bout bumper pon forehead,” Bounty said. “You ago tell Oshane to make gal put bumper pon him forehead? No bumper pon badman forehead.”

Bounty Killer also slams other artists like Alkaline, Vybz Kartel, and Gage for releasing freaky songs. “Me slaughter Kartel to sing about freaky gal, when Gage come and sing about down in a throat me murder that, and when dirty Alkaline come and talk about batty wash me done them too,” the dancehall icon said.