Wiz Khalifa – Stay Stoned (Redbone WeedMix) Lyrics

You Gotta Smoke One Of These
Yeah, You Gotta Light One
If You Don’t It’s Cool
But If You Do
You’re Way Cooler

(Verse 1)
Uh, Versace On My Dishes
Armani On My Slippers
How Do We Smoke All This Weed
Still Handle All This Business
A Major Key To Success, Is Watch The Competition
I Move As Discrete As I Can
Roll Up Without Permission
Most Of These ni**as Is Hoes
Do Anything For Status
No Real Talent, Just Part of An Instagram Challenge
Ni**as Is Squares, A Movie Cast full of Bad Actors
Don’t Let The Media Fool You, These ni**as Moving Backwards
I’m Tryna Stay As Far Away From Lames As Possible
They Hardly Mention My Name, But
Know They Watching Though
Lost My Brother This Year
One Thing It Taught Me Though
Is That I’m Built To Win No Matter The Obstacle
Make Sure My Team Is In Order
Still Got New Crops To Grow
3 Million On Settlements
But God Got Me Though
I Learned So Many New Things
And Got A Lot To Show
Now We Don’t Go Anywhere Without An Ounce To Blow
No Summer Tour This Year, I’m Doing Festivals
I Took A Lil Time Off So That My Neck Could Grow
Still Writing Checks and Dressing The Best Head To Toe
What You Expect In The Presence Of A Professional?
Nothing Less, We Smoke The Best
A New Strain? I Might Invest

I Stay Stoned, I Stay Stoned
Cause Weed Is Legal, Weed Is Legal
Let’s Get Higher, Up To The Ceiling, ooh
I Stay Stoned, I Stay Stoned
Cause Weed Is Legal, Weed Is Legal
Bi**h Don’t You Blow My High, ohh