Dancehall Fans Thinks Alkaline Endorses LGBT With This Hat

Dancehall fans are accusing Alkaline of endorsing the LGBT community with this colorful hat that he wore in his “Gyalis Pro” music video shoot with Sean Paul.

Photos from the video shoot has been making the rounds on social media and some dancehall fans already noticed a couple of things and one of them is the hat Alkaline was wearing that resembles the LGBT colors on the front of it. “Does this batty wash fool even know what his hat represents or he doesn’t care anymore Alka fish,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

“See you slowly coming out the closet and supporting your community, ya’ll should just do a some for them and done, smh, Gaza mi seh,” another fan wrote, while another added “This is either another calculated move or he simply don’t care or clueless about what he is doing.” Despite getting a few criticism from some quarters of dancehall, the Vendetta deejay is getting some support from his core fan base. “I don’t think Alkaline really care about unnu opinion Gaza fans keep coming on the man page to criticize him stay in a unnu lane,” one fan said.

View more of the photos here.

Urban Islandz sources inside the Vendetta camp told us that the dancehall deejay’s hat has nothing to do with LGBT. “A just some badmind people a try find something to say while we stay winning, the hat has nothing to do with any community,” sources told us.