Remy Ma To Nicki Minaj “Am Still Waiting On Surgery Pics”

Remy Ma says she is over her beef with Nicki Minaj and besides, she is still waiting on her to release those before and after surgery pics that she promised to release.

The beef started from back in February when Remy Ma released a vicious diss track titled “shETHER.” Although the song has been removed from all major streaming services due to copyright issues with Nas “ETHER”, the beef with Nicki Minaj still continues. In almost every interview that she does these days, Remy gets asked about the infamous beef. Speaking with The Cruz Show on Wednesday, she said that she is patiently waiting on the photos Nicki Minaj promised to release.

“I’m still waiting to leave the country, maybe I had a doctor flown in from Colombia or something,” Remy Ma said. “I haven’t left the country yet but you know… I have nothing to worry about, I have nothing but time. This was in February and we in May now and you still mad.” Nicki Minaj took a while to release a response to “shETHER” but in the end after dropping the diss track “No Frauds” Remy didn’t bother to respond. These two female rappers should just kiss and make up and record a song together and move on from this beef.