Versi – If A Dem Alone Lyrics

Some si the Beemer roll in and a seh mi too clean yeah
Fi got when dem use to talk bout seh mi shoes lean yeah
Now dem si man in a Lemo and a talk bout zeen
When deep down dem nuh waan wi cruise in
The house build and dem nuh waan wi move in

(Verse 1)
Dem seh don’t help him cause him buss already
A true dem nuh know mi life tough and heavy
When dem a fight and a talk bout mi hype
Mi just gwaan hold mi vibe cause dem girl get f**K already
And true mi independent and mi nuh beg nobody
Still a feed mi kids dem, mi still a help mi Mommy
And mi naw sell mi soul, mi work hard fi mi goal
Suh one day mi must collect the Grammy

Man couldn’t survive if a dem alone
No food couldn’t provide if a dem alone
Shoes paw mi feat clothe weh mi beat
None a that couldn’t buy if a dem alone

Mama would a cry if a dem alone
A nough si man and feel like a be of rose
You work hard and set you goal
A mad mind waan???

(Verse 2)
Big up mi real friend Popcaan
Cause wi a chad from before wi buss pon the platform
Now wi start meck money, wi never move funny
Some seh wi hype but wi chad calm
Nough think mi would a turn gunman
Or buy some gun fi mi friend dem and ???
Dem fi know seh Versatile is not a dunse man
Big up Tich-Field
Mr. Dunston, POrtland

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)