Vanessa Bling Getting Criticism From Christian Community

Vanessa Bling is getting some harsh criticisms from the Christian community.

In 2015, Vanessa Bling aka Gaza Slim released a gospel single “Have Mercy On Me Lord” and hinted that she is turning her life over to god. But these days we have been getting a lot of hardcore music from Vybz Kartel former protege. Bling has also been posting some racy photos on social media and on one of them she wrote “I use to care not anymore.”

Some of her fans are criticizing her for what they call her turning her back on god because her career is going good now. “Girl you find god when things are bad but now things are going good you turn your back, shame on you,” one fan said. “It sound like u ready fi mek the devil stand up inna u like noon day sunlight, don’t mek u young hot body deceive u baby don’t mek the others hype deceive u.”