Dancehall DJ Talks Getting Box By Aidonia Crew For Playing Masicka Music

Dancehall selector DJ Rolexx is opening up about getting box and roughed up by Aidonia‘s 4thGenna crew for playing Masicka music.

The incident took place two weeks ago at a popular event in Kingston where the disc jockey was working the table when four men aligned to Aidonia approached him. “I saw about ten men came onto the stage and said I should stop playing those artists,” Rolexx told Anthony Miller during an interview on ER. The disc jockey says he recognized four of the men from Aidonia’s camp and one of whom is his manager.

“Man pop off and puff me in my chest so I didn’t do anything, I just unplugged my laptop and exited the stage,” he added. He said he has reported the incident to the police the following morning. Masicka and Aidonia have been beefing with each other for a few years now and that feud has intensified over the last few months. Watch the interview below.