Twitter Roast Meek Mill Over Nicki Minaj and Nas Dating

Meek Mill has been getting roasted on Twitter over the Nicki Minaj and Nas dating rumors. Twitter is already finding a name for Nicki Minaj and Nas as the pair fuel dating rumors with a dinner date in Brooklyn last night.

Nicki Minaj posted a cozy photo of herself and the rap legend on her Instagram page. The two were having dinner at Sweet Chicks Life restaurant in Brooklyn on Tuesday night. “Only KINGS recognize QUEENS. @sweetchicklife has the best food congrats @nas,” Minaj wrote. Either Nicki is trolling us or she is confirming her upgrade from Meek Mill. The folks on Twitter has already given them a name with the hashtag #NasNika trending last night.

“Now they gon say Nas write Nicki lyrics I can see it now the hate the slander the lies #nasnika,” one fan wrote on Twitter. Another added “Remy Ma really tried to send shots at Onika and her career is flopping while Nicki is flourishing #NasNika.” Neither Nicki Minaj or Nas have confirmed a relationship, for all we know the pair could just be working on some new music and were having dinner to discuss business. Still some fans drew note to how cozy they look in the photo.

Perhaps one of the funniest tweets gaining the most traction is this one that reads “We are live on the scene where meek mill attempted suicide on his dirt bike after hearing of nas and nicki #nasnika.” Rumors have been circulating online since last month claiming that Nicki Minaj has fallen in love with Nas over the past few months following her split with Meek Mill back in December. Nicki was also wearing a chain that look very similar to the one Nas was wearing. Nevertheless, if Nicki and Nas are dating it will sure be seen as an upgrade from Meek Mill, which can only means the Philly emcee takes another L.