DeJ Loaf – Birdcall 1.5 Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Living different lately
I been living different lately
Sh*t been different
Just as lately, I been living lately
Lately, lately, lately
Lately, lately, lately
The streets f**ked up
Who you telling s**t done got so crazy
Don’t give no f**ks
I been riding with my hammer lately
Free my boys
They gon be up out that slammer later
Later, later, later
And they gon bust, if I say bust

(Verse 2)
Ain’t nothing but some animals, animals, wooo
Lately I been living like I know something
And all your life all you knew was let me hold something
Something, something, something, something, wooo
Bullets fly, hide your kids, hide your fam
Who’s snitching?
Mind your business, your business, your business
Keep quiet, wooo
Money, money, money, Who am I becoming, baby?
Them hundred fifties, we go shopping
We don’t stash the twenties, twenties
That’s twenty, that’s twenty, that’s twenty

(Verse 3)
I’m the hardest in this sh*t, I’m just being honest
See back then the problem was I was being too humble
Humble, humble, humble ayy
It’s my turn and I’m dying to go
I’m living like I want, living like I want, aye
Ran me up a check now I’m living like you don’t
These shoes, yeah, are Chanel, my tee’s Saint Laurent
You know you get money when your tees more than 500
Look at me, they can’t stop
It’s me Lil Loaf, project kid
Still will shoot the dice for some hundereds
Better yet, shoot a thousand, shoot a rack
Don’t know why these ni**as doubt me
I come from public housing, cocaine and violence
Violence, violence, violence
Violence, violence, violence

(Verse 4)
I got rid off ni**as, now it ain’t no pussies round
Walking round like I’m bulletproof, I’m somebody’s hero
Busting guns, buck, buck
That’s your goons, that’s your goons, buck, buck
Get down, ni**a, buck, buck
Lay it down, ni**a, buck, buck
I been, I been, I been, I been cooking with no cookbook
I swear I’m on they a$$
You know I got these bi**hes shook up
Shook up, shook up, shook up
Shook up, shook up, shook up
I got em shaking in they boots
Headshots, no roof