Tory Lanez – Magnolia Freestyle Lyrics

Why yes, f**k you too
What up, world?
You know that s**t the diamonds was on prom day
That meant they was dancing under the dawg like
In New York I Milly Rock
Got it in my sock
Fifty off the wall
And I press rerock
Got it in my sock
Got a lil thot
That’s a lil boat, boy, that’s a lil yacht
Nah, I’m just playing, let me get this s**t for real tho

I get money, money, money motherf**ker like I’m Jordan
It’s the ni**a flying foreign, make your bi**hes not important
Milly rocking through the city pop a pity by the garden
Know you ni**as can’t afford it
And these bi**hes can’t ignore me
I did s**t like dory, I’m with some white shorty
And the bi**h is like forty, she singing Mike Shorey
In the port loose riding out the Porsche coupe gliding
If you try me ni**a I be off the Porsche through sliding
It’s just me and lil Aggy, Portuguese lil baddie
Pouring drink off in the soda, putting weed off in the baggy
I be off in the caddie with a freak that’s off a addy
Trying f**k me to the beat is like the beat is off badly
Fleeing off to Cali, I’ll be back in the morning
Them boys diss me in the night
I get em clapped by the morning
Got the money clubbing on the dollar stacking and joining
In the back of this foreign, I keep a cool bi**h with me
This never slacking or boring, never lacking I’m blowing
And any ni**as try and hoe us, we feel the world owe us
I bet your girl know us, what the man Riley
Two bad bi**hes like Kendall and Kylie
Let your man try me be another man dying
I’ma young sergeant, oh and by the way
I just beat my gun charges, Lawyer like a maid
And just sweeping dumb charges
Shout out Jim Lewis I won’t keep you bombarded
But we some young bosses
Can’t nobody ever try to do it like we do
Playboi like Carti I want f**k Cardi B too
Wonder if I slide in that DM what it lead to?
Putting in position like we in a magazine shoot
Ni**a I’m the man ten bi**hes magnolia
Shout out to the fans, African and Angolia
Throw the damn Rollie up, throw the damn Rollie up
Rollie so heavy that the bi**hes can’t hold it up
Score so much they gotta throw a damn goalie up
Ni**as say they know but they don’t know enough
You know it’s us
Shawty wanna f**k me for Chanel, she a coconut
Skurting through the parking lot with doughnuts in the car clutch
All thirty of us, twenty six bi**hes, four sluts
All of us going up, the bank account’s growing up
Shawty threw the pu**y had me tore it up
Now the only way to get it back she gotta sew it up
Yeah in New York I Milly rock, I’m on any block
Hit that bi**h on Betty block
Gave this d**k to twenty thots
Got it in my sock, forty on the wop
Thirty clip inside a extendo on the Glock ooh

We just getting started
Nothing gon be safe
I’m hopping on everything, body ni**as