Danielle D.I. Calls Out Ishawna For Jacking Her Style

Female dancehall artist Danielle D.I. thinks Ishawna is just another copycat deejay jacking her style.

Earlier this week, Ishawna posted a few photos from a music video shoot for her new single “Shape Of You Remix.” In the clips, she donned a barely there ripped shorts showing off her ass-ets. But now Danielle D.I. is saying that she was the first to came out with that look. “It’s better to be a leader than a follower, we all know D.I. done came out with that look for the Magnum calendar so some other deejay are just followers,” sources told Urban Islandz.

Danielle D.I. also shade Ishawna on Instagram writing, “#justbecause it’s #FRIDAY #Flashback to this awesome #booty baring #rippedshorts #trendsetter.”