Aidonia – Krazay Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Krazay am krazay, am krazay
You ni**a’s know that am krazay
Fat 45 no 380
Full a gun ship dem through Haiti
The 32 too long, da clip deh too weighty
The 17 better, precise when mi aim hi
Buss out dem head cause dem facey
Pu**y cyaa live in a safety
The glock nuh have no safety
The grip smooth like baby
Contract killing dawg dem maybe
Man easy load right infront the Tastee
You a nam patty and pastry
Mi work up the chigger, mi finger nuh lazy
Kick in yo face pon the pavement
And then police come see pure shell
Pure shell, some 40, pure shell

Krazay am krazay, am krazay
You ni**a’s know that am krazay
Sick in my head I go crazy
Shot bwoy ifront dem lady

Crazy, crazy, crazy
Govana logo we crazy
Gun dem well oil up like gravy
Normally crazy

(Verse 2)
Marvally who fi dead
Two fish head
Clip dem long like tow fish head
Full dem a bare blue tip head
Run through yo face and blood run rubie red
Coward like dog, yow Scrappy Scoobie dem
Bare brand new gun, new shipment
Mack 90 long broomy length
Bombocl*** meck mi prove mi strength
Full a killer, rassclaat who fi send?
Fi go meck one man drive through dem endz
Window wind down, hand shrub through the Benz
4th Genna nuh have no gigi movement
Feed bwoy pon gunshot netrement
Glock pon the belly rest pon gucci bed
Meck dem hide like when a landlord due the rent

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1 & CHorus)