Young M.A – Red Lyfe (Freestyle) Lyrics

It’s Brooklyn
It’s Redlyfe, it’s Redlyfe
It’s M.A

I write hit after hit, I get bi**h after bi**h
But I don’t love these hoes I should walk with a limp
With a cane or a stick yelling trick Im a pimp, sheesh
My shooters got grip after grip, got a clip at the clip
Aim right at your nose, red dot they won’t miss
Got the game, got the fifth, p**yboy take your pic, sheesh
I drink Henn after Henn, I get
Pass the blunt to the bro, he said bro what is this?
This is sour and piff ni**a just like the spliff, sheesh
Yeah, I’ma trip on the trip man I swear I ain’t s**t
Treat these bi**hes like pits they act up, get em fixed
Turn that man to a bi**h, now come here give me kiss, pu**y
If it don’t make cents it don’t make any sense
It’s bout stacking your bricks, only 100’s and 50’s
I’m a hundred percent, when I rap on my drift
Cause I talk with my eyes and I see with my lips
Means, I say what I see and I see what I speak
Got this rap sh*t nipped, nipped in the bud
I’m not showing no love cause that love get you clipped, raahh