Popcaan Disses Alkaline At Aidonia Birthday Bash Calls Him “Batty Wash Boy”

Popcaan is still dissing Alkaline. The Unruly Boss rips his Vendetta rival during his performance last night at Aidonia‘s birthday bash in Ocho Rios.

Aidonia called out Popcaan on stage moments after midnight and the crowd went wild. But a surprised move from the “Stronger Now” deejay left dancehall fans stunned. “Tell the little batty wash boy,” Popcaan said before chiming into the lyrics “You a punk cuz yo tune never slap.”

Some dancehall fans are criticizing Popcaan for the move calling him out for not responding to Alkaline when he released the “Microwave” diss track. “Popcaan is a punk and a coward, you never answer microwave when Alka tell yo him ago conk your daughter lol and now true yo on a stage with Aidonia yo feel yo a badman,” one fan said.

“Can Popcaan stop throwing shot at Alkaline if he not gonna make a track,” another dancehall fan on Twitter wrote.

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