Are Popcaan and Ishawna Beefing Over Fake Collaboration

Popcaan and Ishawna

Popcaan and Ishawna appears to be involved in a little beef over a song that was uploaded to YouTube this week.

A collaboration between the Unruly Boss deejay and Ishawna titled “Ready For War” made its way onto YouTube but the song turns out to be fake. Popcaan called out the single calling it unauthorized and posted a message on his Instagram when he got some push back from Ishawna and her fans. “Everyone have the right to freedom of speech and a couple more things, but guess what after you make your speech and expression,” Poppy wrote on IG. “I still don’t give a f**k, have a nice day now.. #unrulymiunruly.”

Ishawna also posted a subliminal shot at the “Where We Come From” deejay. “Mi love it when dem plan up and group up, it mek it easier fi dem get shoot up,” she wrote. Non of the two deejays have confirmed the single, but sources confirmed that the single is fake.