Yeah, wake up, wake up
Free your mind, I said wake up
Good morning Amerikkka
Good morning Amerikkka, I said wake up
Good morning Amerikkka
Good morning Amerikkka

Now, what’s freedom to you?
Let’s talk about it, take a minute, think it through
I’m all about it, but the concept seems new
The coppers still shoot us down on Channel 5 news
Lock us up for anything we do to pay dues
Some of us woke while some stay snoozed
Zombies walking around tripping over issues
The knowledge is official but it’s often misused
America my masseuse, massaging my back
Tryna act like, she ain’t gonna do me like Pratt
Geronimo, take a leap and lay flat
I’m down to go for my message to spread across the map
Holy cross on my back got a bullseye on it
I gotta get stoned to fulfill my moment
Oppress my oppressor, suppress the opponent
Channel my ancestor, he wouldn’t condone it
In search of the healing component
Said you would notice
If you took notice, but you too nosey
Time to wake up
Won’t you come and smell the hot coffee?
Stick your nose in the wrong places, one day you’ll OD
I swear the whole world owe me
I’m nothing close to the old me
If you never knew me, then it’s too late to be homies
Homie, say f**k what you told me
I’m riding out by my lonely
Waiting for the day the big homie take these chains off me

I came from
A dream
That the black man dreamed long ago
I’m actually a present sent to you
By your ancestors