Shawn Storm – Run As It Start Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi nuh fight gyal pickney war
Mi nuh throw word, when mi throw
When you bad in a song try bad pon the tar
Likkle poppy show all when you and god a spar
Get dem every shoes
Every crep let dem
Walk wid the chef, park up the yeng-yeng
If a ten a dem, wet up the friend dem

Red carbons flow in a yo organs
Him grpping, him gapping, just send him at Morgans
Send fi some armons
Wi pray fi him cause what
Him life just get f**k like a harlot

A wa happen to superman
Bad wid a group a man
You cyaa see it seh him coward no bloodcl***
Him naw shoot a man

Mi bad no bombocl***
Go Waterford go ask
Mi never s**k no pu**y
Mi never f**k no ass

All dem do a talk
Dem naw meck no walk
Pow,pow, pow, dem run as it start

(Verse 2)
Some bwoy just a live in a mi style like fly in a s**t
Copy everything, every line weh mi spit
Cyaa vio;ate caw mi nine wi knock it
Just go si you mother pu**y and dive in a it
Mi nuh run batty man joke
Mi nuh run s**k pu**y joke
Suh me and certain, and certain kinda bwoy
Will be never ever lighting a spliff
Money, money, mi a pree, kyle haffi thick
Change everyday clothe style haffi slick
All a the thugs dem mind haffi quick
Wid a good bad gyal weh can shine up the d**k
Step in a the club gyal a whine up the hips
Some a bend up in a W
Money, money dem a pree, line up the tip
But mi gun still line wid the grip

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)